The Civil War Changed Jacob Bruner 's Life And Perspective Essay

The Civil War Changed Jacob Bruner 's Life And Perspective Essay

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Imagine… its 1861 and life as you know it suddenly changes for the worst. That is what it was like for Jacob Bruner, an ordinary farmer living in a city in Paulding County, Ohio. In 1861, tragedy had struck for Mr. Bruner as the confederate army capture Fort Sumter, starting the bloodiest conflict in American History… The Civil War. Jacob Bruner, who seemed not interested, joined the fight in November of 1861 and little did he realize what he had gotten into (Ohio History). For the next two years of his life he would write letters back home informing his loving wife Martha, they would concern his condition and major news of the War. However, in this essay we will be focusing on one particular letter written on April 9th, 1863 that reveals significant news about the war he was involved in. This essay will personally dig deeper into how the Civil War changed Jacob Bruner’s life and perspective, he had on Slavery, Abe Lincoln’s decision to the institution of slavery, what this particular document contributes to history and the historical period, and finally wrap up on what you can gain out of this document and what I learned from reading it.
Jacob Bruner begins the letter by addressing it to his wife and apologizing regarding the last letter he had written her. However, he doesn’t use her first name which I found interesting, in modern culture we would include part of the name of the person we were addressing. Jacob Bruner is famous in his use of language and tone. One of the most interesting uses of language he uses at the end of the last paragraph, “so here is a kiss for my harshness,” has an apologetic tone to it. Therefore, to me Mr. Bruner sounds like a tough fellow style of person, but still has a soft side for his wife. H...

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...completely opposite of what the history books tell us. I also found that the bias that history books have been rather interesting, showing that whatever country, it is based on they try to make that country sound related to a super hero even if what they did was not heroic at all.
In Conclusion, There are some things I can learn from this document like how happy some of the Union soldiers were to be fighting to end slavery and see it come closer to the ending of it. I also could learn that being in a war like that would be stressful and difficult most these soldiers didn’t go home until the end of the war or because they were injured. This document really makes me think of the conditions soldiers went through fighting in the Civil War. Personally, I enjoyed doing this paper and learning about the real perspective, these soldiers had on the institution of slavery.

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