Essay on Civil War, And The Threat Of The United States

Essay on Civil War, And The Threat Of The United States

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Recently, Europe has been in the midst of an influx of immigrants seeking asylum within their borders, many of the migrants coming from Syria. Protests, civil war, and the threat of ISIS has driven many Syrians from their home country into European countries to begin new lives. European countries have encountered many challenges due to the rise in immigration such as how many refugees to let into their boarders, the acclimation of immigrants into various European societies, avoiding criminal activity by migrants, and how to keep their boarders and citizens safe.
In March 2011, pro-democracy protests in Syria began after the arrest and torture of some teenagers that painted revolutionary slogans on the wall of a school. This then triggered protests to happen across the nation of Syria demanding that the President, Assad resign. By July 2011, hundreds of thousands of Syrians began flooding the streets in protest. Violence began to escalate leading the country into a civil war. The conflict became more than just issues the people had with the country’s President, conflict also arose between the Sunni majority of the country and Shia sect. Another dimension was added when the jihadist group Islamic State, or ISIS, began to make their rise. By August 2015, 250,000 lives were lost due to the conflict within Syria (“Syria: The Story of the Conflict”).
All parties involved within the Syrian conflict have executed horrendous war crimes – including torture, murder, rape, and increasing civilian suffering by blocking access to water, food, and medical treatment. Many people have been killed by bombs being dropped by the government attempting to target rebel-held areas. Since the start of the conflict within Syria, more than...

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...s taking jobs from European citizens and a reduction in wages. Evidence from the past year shows that this is a possibility but shouldn’t be a major concern (Cassidy).
The conflict that began in Syria and continues to plague their nation has ultimately effected much of the European continent, and European countries are attempting to manage the challenges that have been a result of the migration. The European countries where migrants are seeking asylum in are faced with a difficult dilemma: how can they do the humanitarian thing of giving shelter to refugees running from a war-torn country all while making sure to keep their own citizens safe? Over the past year, Europe has gone through a phase of trial and error as to how to best deal with an influx in immigration, and the continent will have to have a united front to handle the issues that arise accordingly.

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