The Civil War And The End Of Slavery Essay

The Civil War And The End Of Slavery Essay

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After the Civil War the events of the Reconstruction period did change circumstances slightly for African American slaves. However, major law change did not happen as many people hoped. Some black military men rejoiced with the Union on their defeat of the Confederates. Even in a few parts of the country former slaves held parades to commemorate their freedom and victory. Some former slaves such as Robert Smalls was bold enough to sail into the Charleston Harbor on a boat that he had seized from the Union early on in the war. He was originally a confederate, but later he changed sides and joined the Union Army. Later on the slaves thought that the Proclamation and the end of slavery would bring a new reality to their situation. They also thought slaves would be able to flourish in American life as free men and women. The passage of the Thirteenth amendment in 1865 which freed slaves everywhere in the United and its territories gave the slaves much hope. They celebrated once again their freedom. Black people were reunited with lost family members. However, Congress saw that the slav...

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