Essay on The Civil War And The Arab Spring

Essay on The Civil War And The Arab Spring

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While I grew up in a world in which the Arab Spring was happening, I as an American citizen knew very little about it. Now this is my first time with a course specializing in the Middle East but I had been in multiple history courses throughout high school and never had the phrase, “Arab Spring” been brought up. I continued to hear about the civil war in Syria and how the United States was on the fence about getting involved however, I never knew the reason why the war was happening. So I am glad that we are taking the time to break down the Arab Spring country by country and discover how one thing led to another.
One thing constantly brought up in United States politics and even more recently is Police Brutality. Many people believe that police officers even in the states have too much power, that they can search what they what, be where they want, and arrest whomever they want with little to no consequences. Now I will be honest, I do not believe police brutality is a big issue in the United States today. Some police officers do take advantage of the job they have yes but I feel the same can be true for any person in any professional setting and I think it is a very small sample size of those who act this way. But, it is that small sample size that is making headlines and making people think that police brutality is a major issue.
The presentations today made me think about how fortunate I am to be an American citizen. Is everyday perfect? O god no but I do not live in constant fear of being assaulted by any government official. As I learned this week, based on the revolutions in both Tunisia and Egypt, many citizens lived that way daily. The majority of the time, if there is an issue regarding the immediate safety of an Americ...

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...pact across the world. One place I look at in particular is North Korea. They view their supreme leader as a god like figure, however many of the citizens are malnourished and have terrible living conditions. But they do not know any better, citizens are cut off from the outside world, they do not know much if anything about a world outside of the North Korean borders. I cannot speak for North Korean citizens but I am sure their television and internet access has prevented them from viewing any of the events that have unfolded in the Arab World. So I would be interested to see how the Arab Spring impacts the world. What is the next country to snap? And what will that form? The United States rebelled against the government in Britain and look what happened; we have the highest GDP of any country on earth today. Will a new version of the United States be formed?

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