The Civil War And Its Impact On The North And South Essay

The Civil War And Its Impact On The North And South Essay

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The Civil War was the culmination of many years of tension and division over ideas between the North and South. Most people believe that the Civil War was primarily due to the issue of slavery. However, there is more to this story. A difference over slavery was the spark to the fire, but a fire cannot ignite without oxygen, heat, and fuel. That being said, the Civil War came to be due to the following components: territory acquisition, industrialization, politics, and social changes. The main two being: social changes and politics.
As the United States increased in size, the North and South formed different identities and one of the biggest differences being- their way of life and their ideas on slavery. The first divide between the two sides, occurred when a boundary was placed between the North and South, known as The Northwest Ordinance of 1787. This declared that all lands north of Ohio would be free of slaves. Tension increased when Missouri applied for admission to the Union as a slave state. The North disliked this predicament because the admission of another slave state would tip the balance in the Senate and many also worried that the admission of Missouri would encourage the rest of Louisiana Territory to support slavery.
The solution to this problem is known as the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise attempted to ease the growing tension by allowing Missouri to enter as a slave state and Maine as a free state. Thus, maintaining the balance of power in the Senate. The compromise also formed a line across the Louisiana Territory, with the ban of slavery for those north of the line and enablement of slavery for those south of the line. However, northerners were unhappy about the extension of slavery to Missouri a...

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...and impacted how African Americans were treated in society.
In conclusion, the Civil War came about because of unsolved differences between the North and South. These differences, mainly on the topic of slavery, created more and more friction over the years leading to the Civil War. The tension between the North and South was never resolved, despite many political attempts. Even after the war, there was still a division between the North and South. The reconstruction of the Union was not a fail, neither a success. Politically, the reconstruction was successful and garnered the support of African Americans because they felt their pleas had been answered. However, socially, laws were not enforced and African Americans were deprived of some rights that had been granted to them. Overall, social and political changes still had a long way to go, even after Reconstruction.

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