Essay on The Civil War and Its Effects on the Nation

Essay on The Civil War and Its Effects on the Nation

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The Civil War is known for its brutality and fierce fighting on both sides that led to one of the greatest wars in the history of the world. The war was vigorously contested and fought with courage and pride for one’s beliefs. The war would tear apart a country and reunite it stronger than ever, the country regrouped and began building a stronger infrastructure and a brighter future. The Civil War will never be forgotten and will always help define a country, a people, and a way of life. The Civil War has revolutionized the United States, and greatly affected not only the United States but also the world. The Civil War is the most important war in the history of the United States and continues to affect the country, the people, the way of life, and war itself.
First, the Civil war affected thousands of people and changed their lives forever. Everyone involved with the Civil War had their life greatly affected and changed as a result. The war was so significant and important in many ways, but the way the war affected the people of the country was unprecedented. Over 620,000 combined deaths, the most ever in a United States war, occurred as a result of the Civil War. Specific ethnic groups were greatly affected by the Civil War. Some 186,000 African American soldiers joined the Union cause, which 38,000 would result in casualties. Death is not the only way the Civil War changed the people of the United States. Their way of life would never be the same from the changes the Civil War caused. One major change in the way of life resulted when John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln. The assassination changed the United States forever. The country had lost its strongest leader and its backbone throughout the entire war. It woul...

... middle of paper ... in the history of the United States for many reasons. The Civil War changed the people of the United States and the world forever; millions of people were affected by the war. It helped build one of the greatest countries in the world by destroying it almost completely, the turmoil and chaos bettered the country forever. The war changed the vision of the entire country from sporadic and unorganized into a united and focused vision for the future. The war is credited in changing the United States forever and revolutionizing so many factors involved in the destructive and chaotic war.

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