Civil War And African American Community Essay

Civil War And African American Community Essay

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Historians have said “When it came to African Americans’ experiences in the thirty years after the end of the Civil War, education was politics by other means”. When one is thinking about politicians, they represent as the highest of the high; the people who had power, respect, and wealth were often put on a pedestal. When one is thinking about a political system, it represents a form of independence; one is able to make their own decisions, control their own life, and own any form of property. These forms of property can be can be either physical or mental. Not only does politics represent independence, but a war between two groups. And with war comes many restriction and law. By historians saying “…education was politics by other means” for African Americans, historians are trying to portray how education was a difficult and extensive process which was supported by laws, restrictions of the African American community, and nothing can stop the passion of wanting an education by the African American community. The idea of African American advancement through education was a terrifying thought to many of the south.
In 1884, William Crogman, an African American educator gave a speech that underlines the importance of African American advancement through education. But achieving this educational opportunity was not simple nor easy. Crogman stated, “…persons who, reading Negro history with their prejudices… persist in holding us up to public as that abnormal baby, which never grows…”. Coming from an educated African American, Crogman knows that growth is possible; otherwise who is he to oppose something so true? In other words, the advancement of the African American Population has been achieved and can be replicated through the many...

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...mericans are forced to spend lots of money to allow for their own children to be in school because of the “facilities afforded by the city have not been quite adequate to the demand made upon it for instruction” (Crogman,1884). This makes it hard for African Americans because most of them do not have a lot of money in the first place. But the resistance the African American community was seeing was proving to them that they are better off than they were thirty years ago. The African American community was simply responding back in great abundance. The African American community wanted nothing more than to be free from state aid, free from their prejudices others had of them, free from their cognitive constraints, and free from the mentality of slavery and the passion behind their desires is proof that no amount of terror, laws and restrictions, can overcome passion.

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