Essay about The Civil War : A New World

Essay about The Civil War : A New World

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After discovering a New World, colonists decided to come to America for various reasons. These different intentions caused separations between colonies regionally. Moreover, these regional conflicts sparked discontent between the North and the South resulting in the Civil War. Likewise, the social, economic and political unjust of the states contained variables that influenced the Civil War. The Civil War was a war between Northern and Southern states as a result of major differences and opposing views.
To begin, colonists came to America for different objectives. They each settled in different regions to meet those objectives. Virginia was founded with the sole purpose of finding gold. Massachusetts Bay Colony and Plymouth were both established to allow Puritans and Pilgrims to seek religious freedom. After being banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony, Roger Williams and his supporters founded Rhode Island for religious freedom and separation of church after disagreements. Similarly, Thomas Hooker and his followers settled in Connecticut for political and religious freedom after disagreements with Massachusetts Bay Colony. New Hampshire was authorized by John Mason and Ferdinando Gorges after they were given a land grant by the Council for New England. New Hampshire was well known for the fishing along Portsmouth. New York was created by the Dutch for trading and profits. New Jersey was also discovered for trade and profits. Maryland was discovered for the religious freedom of Catholics. William Penn and other Quakers claimed Pennsylvania for themselves in order to have religious freedom. Delaware was established for trading and profits. The Carolinas were founded by supporters of Charles II for agriculture and trade. Rice wa...

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...m the Union, kindling the start of the Civil War.
I believe the Civil War was the result of social, economic, and political issues between colonies of the United States. From the start, each region had separate opportunities. The problems started to arise after each region tried to join together by shaping the other region into their own. The North did not agree with the processes of the south. The North viewed slavery as a morally wrong activity while the South saw it as a good investment. The South tried to convince the North of expanding slavery in efforts to build a stronger economy. Southerners envisioned a world where slavery was the key to success. The south was an agriculturally advanced region while the north was dependent on industrialization. These heavily opinionated views cause disruption and opposition between the two regions and started the Civil War.

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