Essay about The Civil War : A Baptist Minister, And James D. Lynch

Essay about The Civil War : A Baptist Minister, And James D. Lynch

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The Civil War has just concluded. With the United States staying together, things seemed optimistic at first. Unfortunately, with the Southern country in shambles, and millions of freed slaves homeless and unemployed, combined with the financial and ethical concerns regarding what to do with them, it seemed to be an impossibly large task. With the former Confederate States of America gathering the remnants of their failed revolution, blacks from across the south roamed the country in search of purpose, independence, and prosperity. In an effort to speed the process up, prominent black figures, religious leaders, and former members of the Union army gathered in Savannah, Georgia to discuss reconstruction.
Among the group were Ulysses S. Houston: A pastor who secretly ran a school exclusively for African Americans, Garrison Frazier: A Baptist minister, and James D. Lynch: An African American himself who had been born free prior to the war. Discussion on tactics and ethical concerns would carry on throughout the meeting, including what slavery was by definition. To outlaw slavery wi...

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