Civil Unrest in Syria in Mid-March 2011 Essay

Civil Unrest in Syria in Mid-March 2011 Essay

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The violent civil unrest that broke out in Syria in mid-March 2011 continued to expand and increasingly impacted civilians throughout 2012. Syrians and migrant workers alike have been affected by the armed conflict, causing a critically large number of people to be forcibly displaced from their homes and to seek protection in other regions and neighboring countries. The level of security risk, lack of basic resources and quality of available information are factors that continue to determine when and where Syrian nationals and migrants decide to move. Most of the affected populations have been internally displaced prior to being forced to move across borders into safer zones in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Shelter, food, water and health services have grown increasingly scarce, and the generosity of those with surplus resources has been exhausted and is insufficient to meet the basic needs of displaced persons.
General and growing insecurity throughout Syria has exponentially exacerbated the urgent need for vulnerable persons to flee the conflict. The number of persons who have...

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