The Civil Society : A Perfect Opportunity For The United States Essay

The Civil Society : A Perfect Opportunity For The United States Essay

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The ‘civil society’ term has been first used in 1990s by mostly Marxist scholars, and since then it became quite popular among the academics of social science. The cause of this interest for civil society is promoting democratic regime around the world. The Soviet Union’s collapse was a perfect opportunity for the United States of America and Europe countries to start their promotion of democracy. What they realized in the process that through democratization, the civil participation as an important key figure. Without the population’s support, the country’s regime change was at threat. Another reason these democratic countries did research about the civil society was the changes happening in their own countries. The separation of left and right sides were changing, the citizens of right side started becoming more aware about the issues like environment, globalization and protection while left side were mostly organised in non-governmental organizations. Since democracy’s main key, voting is focused on the population of the country; learning about the civil society and how they affect people as well as the governments was essential.
Hegel defines civil society as “the realm of organizations that lie between the family, at one extreme, and the state, at the other” (1821). Although this definition is still debatable, since many scholars think it as unsatisfactory and incomplete; it is commonly used while explaining or referring to civil society. Many people believe that civil society is the society in the country or around the world; truth is, it is not a group of people but it is a group of institutions and relations. Since not all institutions are the same, which ones should be counted as civil society is another problem in that ...

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...essive, then the civil society takes an antagonistic part against the state. Lastly, if the state is strong and fair to its citizens then the civil society and the state cooperate and work together.
For democratization process the civil society is important. It has to actively promote “government by the people and for the people” (Burnell, 158). But in the developing world, the civil societies are mostly traditional and they cause problems for the democratization since they make people believe that it will be their traditions that will vanish if the country becomes democratized. Another problem is that the non-government organizations can be corrupted. They start supporting the current regime rather than the democratization with the social movements. For an example, this situation happened in war-thorn Africa and Middle East countries which have Islamist movements.

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