Civil Rights Movements in the Uninted States Essay

Civil Rights Movements in the Uninted States Essay

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To what extend were Rosa Parks’ actions that sparked the Montgomery bus boycott motivated by a desire to use an act of public civil disobedience to effect political change regarding segregation laws in the South?

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A. Plan of Investigation 3

B. Summary of Evidence 3-5

C. Evaluation of Sources 5

D. Analysis 5-6

E. Conclusion 6-7

F. Works Cited 7

A. Plan of Investigation
In 1955 a black Rosa Parks infamously refused to move seats to the back of the bus in favor of a white passenger in a bold statement of civil disobedience that is widely regarded as the start of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. I will begin the investigation by analyzing Rosa Parks’ intentions when she refused to move from her seat, despite knowing the full extent of the legal consequences that would result. Accounts of the incident often site the fact that Parks was returning home from a long day’s work and had tired feet which resulted in her reluctance to move. However, I will explore how civil rights activists positioned the story of events in this way to affect a sharpe...

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... Disobedience from African Americans in the past to form a rallying cry around the asinine nature of segregation laws in the south at the time. These tactics had a precedence of success and the planned and thought out execution of the Montgomery Bus Boycott was one the most successful attempts at garnering public support and it launched the start of real tangible change in the civil rights movements of the 1950s and 60s.

F. Works Cited

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