Essay on Civil Rights Movement: The Selma March

Essay on Civil Rights Movement: The Selma March

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On March 7 1965 policemen attacked 525 civil right demonstrators that took part in the march between Selma and Montgomery Alabama. The march was to let black people vote. The police used tear gas and charged on horseback into the crowds, there were more than 50 demonstrators injured. The day of the protest was named “Bloody Sunday”, and it was all over America broadcasted on national TV and in newspapers and Americans were very mad at how the authorities handled it. Even though people were hurt in bloody Sunday, 8 days after bloody Sunday President Lyndon B. Johnson presented a bill to congress that would turn into the black Voting Rights act of 1965. ("The New York times")
Millions of people all over the US were watching TV on a Sunday night when the television program was interrupted by African Americans being beat by clubs and tear gas being thrown. Six hundred people were attacked by police and state troopers and they were dressed in riot uniforms. ABC was showing a movie and then it was stopped and showed African Americans being hurt. Most people have never heard of Selma, Alabama but after March 7 no one would forget. ("National park service")
People who said that that the voting right was a result of Selma also said that the events that went in Birmingham, Alabama in April and in May of 1963 produced the Civil Rights Act in 1964. In more than one occasions black civil right people were lead by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. in marches and were met with outrageous law enforcements tactics. In the Selma march demonstrators were always peaceful, but the officers would use weapons on them even though the Selma demonstrators never did anything harmful. On March 7th a day after the bloody Sunday, dozens of speakers said that t...

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