The Civil Rights Movement Is A Fundamental Human Right And A Matter Of Basic Human Dignity

The Civil Rights Movement Is A Fundamental Human Right And A Matter Of Basic Human Dignity

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how many more immigrants today face discrimination because of their language at work? How many more immigrants face discrimination because of their etnicity at work ? Although freedom from workplace discrimination is a fundamental human right and a matter of basic human dignity that all individuals have the right to have and they are laws that protect it, in this world there are so many racist and discriminatory human beings that the victim of discrimination sometimes have fear to speak up against this individual because they are considered minorities in this country and feel that they will not have enough support to help them to solve this problem, notwithstanding the existing laws.
Since the late 1960s homosexuals still struggle for their equal rights in the United States. The homosexuals movement is a civil rights movement that advocates for equal social rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual or “LGBT” community in America. One of the reasons why homosexuals are fighting to gain equal right in the country is to be accepted in society as everyone else because certain people believe that homosexuals deserve to be discriminated against because of their sexual attraction goes against religious beliefs or cultural beliefs. In Texas state Senator Donna Campbell in 2014 filed a bill to amend the Texas constitution to enable businesses to fire LGBT employees and turn away LGBT customers, solely because of their sexuality. The bill is meant to “protect religious freedom,”6 according to Campbell. However, If this amendment is approved to the constitution of Texas states this going to cause a lot of conflict in society. The people will start to discriminate against each other which could lead to hate crime. Also, children...

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...e consideration of the people who are discriminated in American society regardless of race, religion, language, nationality or sexual orientation and enforce the laws, promote punish discriminatory acts towards individuals who discriminate others in workplace and send them to prison.
In conclusion, today there are rights in the United States, that one hundred years ago people who felt discriminated against, they were not able to fight for the rights that they deserved. With the help of various political and extraordinary people with courage from history, today this rights could be heard. However, equalities are still limited in this country towards minorities and discrimination still a problem in American society it has been impossible to entirely prevent the amount of discrimination towards individuals with different color, etnicity, nationaly, or sexual attraction.

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