The Civil Rights Movement And The Gay Right Movement Essays

The Civil Rights Movement And The Gay Right Movement Essays

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Since the United States has been involved in several wars, these conflicts have shaped the country’s inner society. Whether the war is great or a small; resources, money, and citizens are needed to win. Consequently, war leads to significant social changes, which brings fear, hope, growth or decline in economic, social, political and cultural aspects in the country.
Different wars made it possible for social movements to develop. For example: during and after World War II, as men left the country to fight, women had to fill the men’s work back home; making them more political and economically involved. Moreover, World War II was a major stimulus to the Black Civil Rights Movement and the Gay Right Movement. The Vietnam War led the American citizens to doubt about the involvement of The United States in foreign countries, emerging an Anti-War social movement throughout the country. Because poor conditions open opportunities to advance, wartime encourages change and generates hope for social movements to succeed.
Women made a vital contribution to the victory of World War II. Even though they could not fight directly in the war, they fought at home. “Loyally they supported the war effort even though it entailed sacrifices and inequities, including employment discrimination, separation from loved ones, and the burden of combining work and family responsibilities. They symbolized national solidarity and democracy in action” (Glenn, 1). Once the war ended, men came back home and with them the old traditions. The cult of domesticity was a post-war sense that women were suited and were happy when they were at home, acting as mothers and wives. If women worked outside the home, they were missing something. Independent women were seen a p...

... middle of paper ... could happen that realistically threatens the Unites States of America. And to attempt to justify the loss of one American life in Vietnam by linking such loss to the preservation of freedom, which misfits supposedly abuse, is to us the height of criminal hypocrisy, and it is that kind of hypocrisy which we feel has torn this country apart.” At the end, the movement grew so much that it was an unstoppable force that made the leader rethink their positions and opinions on the war.
In conclusion, Wars have changed American society. Wartime conditions lead to social, economic, political and cultural changes in a country. In United States, wars have resulted in the creation and evolution of major social movements. These social movements had hope to succeed because when a country is at war, it encourage change and opens opportunity for social movements to advance.

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