The Civil Religion Of A Country Essay

The Civil Religion Of A Country Essay

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The civil religion of a country highlights the achievements of the country. “…

America’s civil religion celebrates a mythic interpretation of the country’s origins,

heroic figures, and ultimate destiny” (3, Fulmer). America believes the active

promotion of freedom, human rights, democracy, and peace. “ Briefly, America’s civil

religion is the celebration of a particular sacred past, the narrative of which contains

accounts of destined individuals, and foretells a special destiny for the country,

provided its inhabitants remain faithful to their legacy. (4, Fulmer). It is by this

belief that the sanctity of the home and Christian right found its way into the

American foreign policy. American’s believe their foreign policy is to promote the

causes of peace and freedom. The president is the face of the American Foreign

Policy rhetoric, and thus the keeper of the American Civil Religion. “The president is

a High Priest of America’s Civil Religion, and a substantial amount of his discourse is

given over to the epideictic genre. Epideictic rhetoric is most appropriate at

ritualistic events, and highlights cultural values worth of emulation” (5, Fulmer).

When a belief is cemented, the congregation promotes the agenda without falter. In

American terms, the belief is in the Constitution, and the promotion is the Foreign

Agenda. The president promotes the civil religion of the people, and if the president

is smart, he communicates the promotion. “The relationship between the presidency

and civil religion is an important one, where the elected official becomes the vehicle

for articulating and preserving America’s particular mythic understanding of itself”

(5, Fulmer). The civil religion resonates in th...

... middle of paper ...

...achieve, but, at the same

time, has always been a part of American politics. Reagan knew this, and instead of

hiding from the obvious, Reagan promoted the civil religion. Reagan used the civil

religion as the main focal point in American Foreign Policy. It was pride in the state,

a conviction in the Creed, and engagement of the people’s issues that allowed

Reagan the establish success. Understanding that a Foreign Policy cannot exist

without religion, was the key to reignite the passion of a country. America has been

charged as the world’s Super-Power. It is a title that each country both loathes and

respects. Without American influence, certain world problems would simply not be

solved. Reagan knew the significance of America and the American Civil Religion

within the world, and the promotion of peace and freedom is, and was, its leading


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