Civil Liberties Violations And The Ramifications Essay

Civil Liberties Violations And The Ramifications Essay

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Civil Liberties Violations and the Ramifications in Tulia, TX

Law enforcements are meant to protect and serve the public, unfortunately that is not always true. In Tulia Texas about twelve percent of their African American residents had the misfortune of encountering a rogue narcotics agent. The Civil Liberties were violated due to the wrongful actions of a racist corrupt undercover agent in this town. These unfortunate people were accused of dealing drugs and sentenced to jail. After a the victims were falsely charged, three years later a group of lawyers took their cases and at the end of this battle they were declared innocent. The victims were compensated for the injustice and the violation of their civil liberties. Nonetheless, they might have been compensated; but the battle was still lost because things have not changed in our legal system. Extremely harsh criminal justice policies result in standing in the way of a fair and equal society today.
Due to false accusations from a rogue narcotics agent over twelve percent of Tulia, Texas 's African American population were arrested and incarcerated 1999. The town’s people taught justice was served, but what they didn’t know, it was all based on false accusations. The word of only one undercover narcotics agent, Tom Coleman, with a troubled history in law enforcement was enough to arrest, prosecuted and sentenced them to decades in prison. Not only their trial was unfair, furthermore, their civil rights were violated due to basing information on the uncorroborated testimony of an undercover officer with a record of racial impropriety.
Moreover, these poor innocent people’s civil liberties were also violated the day of the raid. They were dragged out of their homes half-clot...

... middle of paper ...

...e of the lawyers, who donated over $70,000 of his time to the case, said, "We won a battle in Tulia, but the war will be lost if we can 't change what has become a badly broken system.
Unfortunately, in this day of age we still hear about patterns of racial profiling by law enforcement and discriminatory enforcement of laws against people of color. There is a disturbing policy in place called stop and frisk. The Stop and frisk policy is a practice in which a police officer makes a stop with allegedly based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity of an individual on the street. This has resulted in a disproportionate effect on certain communities and these people often feel harassed by the police because there is an alarming rate in communities of color. People in the communities must voice out against those unjust policies so they can uphold their civil rights.

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