Essay on Civil Disobedience And The Real Meaning Of Justice

Essay on Civil Disobedience And The Real Meaning Of Justice

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Civil Disobedience and the Real Meaning of Justice
Through Sophocles’ Antigone and Dr. Martin L. King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham jail” the aspects of civil disobedience and social mediocracy are expose, showing how the world acts through those who eyes can see the truth. Sophocles uses a distant world to represent the pressure of those who want to speak up and through a kingdom of the desperate he illustrates how actions can be depicted as wrong, but with them the truth lies overall. King’s letter is very similar to the story in the way which promises are made but actions unseen, and those who want to fight without a blood battle, at the end, are just consider faceless citizens against those who have the power to illustrate them wrong.
Sophocles uses his characters to show the difference of minds and of what we consider life. By using Creon’s beliefs that “[the] State is his who rules it, so 'tis held...”(Antigone 734) the author shows how excess of power can blind even the mighty ruler, and born in those around you the urge to rebel. Although he desires nothing more than a peaceful kingdom, his actions make those closer to him go for what they believe despite the consequences. Through the writer’s continuous expose of Creon’s true nature, there is a more comprehensive view at Antigone’s desire to out rule him and save her brother .Thou her actions are later on seen as wrong, and her disobedience punished, she becomes the hero of the story, making her life and oxymoron that brings peace to a kingdom but suffering to those who were closer to her, and her final act was soon forgotten.
Nevertheless the role of women also play an important part in Sophocles’ Antigone; as the main character chooses to bu...

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...he power to one to manifest in a peaceful way, which makes both writings more effective when showing the power of the human heart and mind. Through Sophocles it is shown the desire to save those we love without thinking about one’s life or what the action will drive us to, confronting even the Gods and gender categorizations of an unjust kingdom. Thou King is further apart in time, he not only shows a fist of words but also the desire to achieve a common goal. Both characters go against higher forces and risk everything to make a difference even when their power lies upon themselves and even if they must fight along, not citizen would rebel if the righteous actions were made, but as that never happens how is a disobedient citizen proven wrong if their actions speak the truth? Both writers focus on the power of one man, and one man alone can bring change to the world.

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