Essay on Civil Disobedience And The Law

Essay on Civil Disobedience And The Law

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Civil disobedience is defined as any form of defiance of the law which is seen as unjust and unfair. There are many forms of this disobedience such as riots, demonstrations, and as simple acts as speaking out. On the other hand, authority figures are sworn in to protect and uphold the word of the law. These authority figures are police officers, FBI agents and many other forms of authority. When it comes to upholding the word of the law these authority figures make no exception with civil disobedience. If an individual is breaking the law they will be accountable, the case is the same with citizens that deliberately disobey the law. The way authority approaches it however is counterproductive because of the cruel manner it is handled with. Authority figures approach with a zero tolerance approach to try and oppress civil disobedience. These authority figures will arrest and charge or give fines to citizens, and instill fear by using violence against par takers.
Authority figures are representative of the law and any act that breaks or challenges it they feel entitled to correct the situation. People that break the law are usually arrested and charged and or given a fine. Charges that individuals face are that of disorderly conduct, obstruction, and sometimes resisting arrest. Citizens stand up against laws that violate the protections promised in the Constitution and basic human rights. “Civil disobedience is a unique means of political expression that is used to provoke democratic deliberation about important questions of just law and policy” (Calabrese 327). Individuals that are part of acts that disobey certain policies is because they believe they are unjust to begin with and when they are arrested for having stood up and sp...

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...Martin Luther King, Jr. was probably one the most famous civil disobedience leader of our time. He urged his fellow African American to fight for equality, that the law was set to deprive them of. Civil disobedience, for the most part starts off as a non-violent uprising that proposes change to an unjust law. That act of disobedience is to stand and say that what the law proposes is in violation of a persons or groups right to be protected under the law. Authority figures that represent the law are then to access and control the matter. However, the way that authority figures take control of the situation can also be in ways forms of additional violations of rights. Many times par takers are arrested, fined, and even intimated into dropping what they are standing up for. Police officers represent power and they use that power into frightening hard working citizens.

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