Essay on The Civil Classroom in the Age of Net, by Dr. P.M. Forni

Essay on The Civil Classroom in the Age of Net, by Dr. P.M. Forni

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Wise choices require effective thinking and effective thinking requires some previous knowledge. In the article “The Civil Classroom in the Age of the Net,” Dr. P.M. Forni states that over the past three generations, there has been a decrease of civility in the classrooms, from grade school through college. A synonym for “civility” is courtesy. Teachers and professors have lost respect from their students and have noticed unruly student behavior. This is the result of the new developing digital technology. Because the Net is available at anytime and at any place, Forni believes that students feel that learning or paying attention in class is no longer crucial to their education. To what extent are the author’s writing strategies effective in making his case that the Net has caused this deteriorating relationship? More specifically, why is the organization of the article, the author’s personal stories, and the use of diction valuable to his assertion? I believe that the author’s case is convincing.
Forni avers in the first sentence that once upon a time, “the professing of knowledge used to rest on the firm foundation of the principle of authority” (Forni 15). Instructors used to have control over the entire class and could smoothly teach without any problems arising from the students. This claim of fact can be supported not only by Forni himself, but also by anyone within the three previous generations. I asked my parents about the overall classroom behavior when they were still in school. Unlike the present, my parents’ classmates had patience and their teachers had authority. Starting the article off with this statement, Forni effectively lays a firm foundation on which he builds his thesis. In the subsequent sentence, the aut...

... middle of paper ...

... even learn. Let it be known that knowledge leads to effective thinking, which leads to wise choices.
Through the use of organization, personal stories, and diction, Forni successfully makes his case that the weakening relationship between professors and students is the result of the Net. Stating the problem and proposing a solution that teachers can use, telling stories that I can relate to, and the choice of words all are effective in making his argument. Teachers who taught three generations ago probably had an easier time teaching than those who are now. We all need to realize that there is incivility in the classrooms and that it needs to be taken care of. I am not saying that one hundred percent of students are showing disorderly behavior but let us rebuild and give authority back to the professors, well, at least until technology completely replaces school.

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