Essay on Civic Life Is The Public Life Of Citizens

Essay on Civic Life Is The Public Life Of Citizens

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Civic life is the public life of citizens concerned of the affairs of the community and nation as contrasted with personal life, which is devoted to the idea of private and self interests. The idea of civic life is bettering the community as a whole and not just personal or oneself but even the whole state or country. Civic life makes a country stronger and healthier for the government and its citizens and creates less issues throughout the community itself. Without civic life there are issues and turmoil that can lead to big problems for the country and everyone that lives there.
Politics is the conflict between individuals trying to achieve power, and the activities associated with governing a country or area. It is the study of the government and people involved in running the country. Politics is a process where a group of people 's interests might contrast but they come together to reach a collective agreement on the situation or idea that betters everyone in a community. The government is the institutions and elected officials for a society that have the authority and power to make decisions for the community on the management of conflicts and distribution of resources throughout the country or area they are leading. The government has the final decision a majority of the time and is usually elected or the position is passed on through family.
The government and politics are necessary to provide and enforce common law throughout the country and make decisions to better society and life for everyone in the communities. Without politics there would be no one to make the critical decisions for the country or area they are governing and it would cause chaos within the area. Politics come together and make binding decisions e...

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... is chosen to lead and form a cabinet and administration for the government. In some governments representatives are voted for and winner takes all and majority rules, but in other representatives are voted for based on proportion and they may have multiple representatives for the area or country. All governments have some differences in the way they organize themselves, it varies everywhere you go. They can have single representatives or many representatives, total government power or little government power it just depends on where you are in the world. A government with divided power through different branches and limited government with a constitution for guided laws and rights is good for society and communities so that everyone is equal and can have their own individual space and not have to worry about government overrunning the country they live in.

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