Civic Engagement Is More Than Just Volunteer Work Essay example

Civic Engagement Is More Than Just Volunteer Work Essay example

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Theater 180 addressed the quest question of how do people understand and engage in community life? Through this class I’ve gained a better understanding of what civic engagement is. At the start of this semester I had very minimal knowledge about civic engagement. As far as I knew civic engagement was just volunteering but nothing much beyond that. With this class I have learned that civic engagement is much more than just volunteer work.
What exactly is civic engagement? Civic engagement is when an individual or a group of individuals work together to make a positive change in their community. This definition aids in the understanding that civic engagement goes well beyond volunteer work. Being engaged in community life could be as simple as participating in elections by voting or this engagement could be as complex as staging a protest. Regardless of the type of engagement, as long as the final goal is to make a change to better the area in which you live it can be considered civic engagement. Due to this fact, civic engagement can be seen both online and in the real world.
Civic engagement can be seen online in a wide variety of ways. One way this engagement can be seen is when individuals make political Facebook posts. These types of Facebook posts can often be seen with a few common traits. While a large number of posts on the internet can be seen as political, a smaller number of these post can actually be considered civically engaged. The posts that are civically engaged include facts and their main purpose is to better the area in which they live. These types of posts aren’t the ones that lack facts. These posts aren’t the ones where people are just shouting over how they did not get their way in an election. Instead, t...

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...y want to make changes that better their community.
As it can be seen, I have learned a great deal about civic engagement through Theater 180. With the help of Creative Process and Dr. Vandevender I learned about what civic engagement is and how people can be a part of it. I learned that civic engagement is much more than just volunteering for a cause. This course helped me understand that I can be civically engaged through a computer screen as well as in the real world. Prior to this class I had minimal knowledge about street theater. Thanks to this class I learned about various types of street theater and how street theater can be used to distribute a message. I came into this quest course knowing very little about how people understand and engage in community life. I can say with confidence that I know significantly more about civic engagement through this class.

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