Essay about The City University Of New York

Essay about The City University Of New York

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The City University of New York System was founded in 1847 as a way to provide an affordable education to student throughout the city 's five boroughs, and eventually resulted in the formation of 24 separate institutions of higher education. Among those 24 institutions are community colleges, graduate institutes, traditional universities, and undergraduate colleges. The City College of New York is considered the "senior college" of the City University of New York university system. This allows CCNY to issue traditional B.S. and B.A. undergraduate degrees, but also several prestigious graduate and doctoral degrees. Despite the advanced nature of its many degree programs, as well as the school’s nationwide prestige, the City College of New York charges some of the most affordable university tuition anywhere in the greater New York City metropolitan area. This makes it a top draw for students at the top of their graduating classes, and has increased the school 's size to just over 16,000 total students.

City College of New York Accreditation Details

New York 's "senior college" is regionally accredited, as are all of the various colleges, institutes and universities within the City University of New York system. Regional accreditation is granted to the school by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which reviews its accreditation status of CCNY every few years. Though this accreditation is extremely important in ensuring the school 's quality and eligibility for federal aid programs, it is not the only that the City College of New York currently offers to students across its broad array of degree options.

Professional and programmatic accreditation is also featured in the City College of New York School of Education, ...

... middle of paper ... field from CCNY will serve graduates well as they seek employment.

Another top option at the school is the B.S. and M.S. degree programs in engineering, which are both ranked near the top in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as nationally. Thanks to ABET accreditation and an all-doctoral faculty, students partake in advanced coursework, innovative simulations and labs, and unique engineering competitions on-campus. Internships in the thriving New York City business community also help engineering graduates land a rewarding job with some of the nation’s top Fortune 500 employers. This program is among the most competitive at the school, however, with the admission rate of undergraduate applicants rumored to be in the high single digits. This program, along with many others at the City College of New York, position the school as one of the best in the "Empire State."

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