Essay on The City Shimla, The Most Beautiful in the World

Essay on The City Shimla, The Most Beautiful in the World

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India is a county of diversity, religions, and languages and in that large nation, a city named Shimla, located in northeast where Himalaya is located, holds the beauty of the world in it. It shows the series of white and bright snowy hills covered with pine trees, cold freezing air which gives goose bumps. Its key attraction is deep valleys where even echoes take time to come out. The “ Queen of Hill Stations” is my city, where air talks, hills drag, and trees dance. City shows its attraction, tradition, and affection to people.
Cold in winter and cool in summer, Shimla when revels its attractions to visitors, deep image of them are stamped of their minds. The journey begins with local curving streets, followed by purple Rhododendron flower plants with their dark green leaves along the two sides of the roads. It is pleasuring when smooth, little-lasting noise of every step makes local streets alive. Every step on every road, some uphill and some downhill, eventually gathers at the heart of the city, “The Mall Road”, the busiest, most crowded area of the city. From a far, crowd of people gives an image of millions of ants gathered around piece of sugar to dominate it. Street is enriched with all kind of material that one sees through out India. There is a train of shops with goods of jewellary, handicraft materials, cloths with embroidery, and many more hanging in front to tempt. Heading in the north on the street takes to the haven of Shimla named ‘kufri’. It is clear, snowy, and flat downhill area for skiing. At Kufri when cold waves of air penetrate
winter clothes and touches body, it gives encouragement to ski in freezing temperature rather than sitting down in hill cottage with hot chocolate coffee in giant mugs.

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...endly neighbors, infinitive pine trees, bottomless valleys, and endless hills was memorable. Being part of traditional celebrations, monthly-celebrated carnivals is missed, but still memories are fresh in the mind. Shimla taught me to enjoy nature. Its fresh air when inhales, it leaves cold heat in the body that would provide fresh feelings to start routine. Talking with those tall hills, half covered with white scattered clouds and impenetrable fogs, and those giant, shapeless, unbreakable statues of rocks’ reply in echoes were part of daily life.
City, full of attractions, adventures, and tradition, when become one’s homeland, there are no desire left for any other enjoyment. Shimla, City of hills, sees through massively tall mountains, talks through cold air and smells through trees. If one visits it once, reminiscences of it dominate s any other remembrance.

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