The City 's Gardens And The Garden Park Essay

The City 's Gardens And The Garden Park Essay

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The city’s gardens are an immense oasis with a variety of flowers, trees, and bushes. In the spring and summer, the sun often shines warmly on the garden’s visitors. The guests wander down miles of wide cobblestone paths that lead between the brightly colored plants. The garden has a few very popular and beautiful sections. The individual gardens considered the most spectacular are the tulips courtyard, the rose garden, and the exotic plants hothouse. A visitor is encouraged to plan on spending several hours in the gardens, so that they are able to spend time in all of the most popular smaller gardens.
The tulips courtyard is near a quarter-mile’s walk from the main entrance to the garden. The widest path leads to a fountain in the center of the courtyard. This gray stone fountain has a wide round base and a ten-foot tall peak at the apex of the fountain. The water runs sparklingly clear throughout the entire growing season. The tulips wither and die in the fall, to be reborn in the spring. Among the varied-color tulips are benches that have been set a few feet back to provide a re...

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