City or Suburban Life? Essay

City or Suburban Life? Essay

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Given the opportunity to live in a major bustling metropolis or in a surrounding nestled suburb what would you choose? Surprisingly, a number of people contend with this decision everyday. Some relocate because of employment opportunities, warmer weather, to be closer to family or simply for a change of scenery. The reasons for moving are as abundant as the options when considering city or suburban life. When considering either choice, one may be attracted to the luxurious high rises and breathtaking views of the city or the sprawling greenery and family oriented atmosphere of the suburbs. Whether moving around the corner or across the country, consideration of cost, commute and community may be the most important factors in determining if city or suburban living is the best choice for you.
In light of today’s economy, cost is one of the leading factors in making a decision on where one lives. Housing in most metropolitan areas can be very expensive and offers little living space versus lower cost of rent and more square footage in suburban areas. When renting a studio in the heart of many cities, you are likely to pay as much if not more than renting a one possibly two bedroom apartment in some surrounding suburban areas. For home owners property taxes can be a huge determinant as well. In Illinois for example, the property taxes are amongst some of the highest in the nation and both city and suburban home owners are paying top dollar regardless of their location. Additionally, urban areas are often riddled with excessive sticker and parking fees along with the looming threat of tickets, tows and the occasional boot. Many suburbs also have assessments and sticker fees but usually pale in comparison to that of the inn...

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...lling. Many cities are typically more concentrated and overpopulated; whereas, suburban areas can offer less traffic within communities and more space for growth and development.
Whether you decide to live in the city or out in the suburbs, the variety of experiences and options that city and suburban life offer are nearly endless. If it’s night life, entertainment, convenient access to public transportation, culture, diversity and possibly higher cost of living, city dwelling might be the right fit for you. If a sense of community, more space, better schools, family oriented entertainment and activities, increased safety and quieter neighborhoods are more to your liking then perhaps suburban life is for you. Whatever your preferences and desired quality of life call for, undoubtedly the decision to stay in or out will require much time and much consideration.

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