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I was born in a city known for its happy and friendly people. Maracaibo, a city known as the “city of the lovely sun” located in the north western of Venezuela. It is a very famous city for its people and its culture. One of the things that make us very different from the rest is the way we speak, the words we have invented and how we can exaggerate anything like an expression or a story. Further, Maracaibo is a city that has given a lot to the country due to its abundant reserves of oil that has made Venezuela one the biggest oil producers in the planet. In addition, Maracaibo is the capital of a state that is full other resources as well like agriculture and cattle raising.
I come from a very united family where good values, union, education and responsibility are important. Since I was a kid my parents have given a lot of valuable teachings of life and the difficulties I have to overcome. They always said and reminded me every moment they could that education was essential to the development of a society, so, I think I understood that since the very moment I heard it. During the entire school time until 12th grade I was among the best students and I had recognitions for my performances and good behavior.
I do not really remember many moments of the kindergarten time, but I do remember that without my grandfather’s help, my mother could have struggled having to take care of me, taking me to school and attending her job at the same time. During those years my father’s job kept him traveling very often and my mother was a full time teacher in a high school where she had to cover night classes for people with disabilities as well. So, my grandfather was very important during that process. Besides, he was such an excellent man th...

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... that this competitive world demand. I think my weaknesses are still some technical competencies I need to strengthen; also, sometimes my communication with people and colleagues is not very efficient. So, I think I have chosen a course that will give me a lot of help to keep improving professionally and to take good decisions in the future. Further, despite of some self-insecurities that often cross my mind, I push myself and I think of the motivations and good influences I have had and that have helped to get where I am. My main motivation comes from my parents, two people that for their three children have done what any loving parent can do: thinking positively, working hard, and keeping the hope and faith. That is the same hope and faith that drive me and keep me working hard my future full of success, a future I wish to share with my family when the time comes.

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