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The City Of San Diego Essay

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The City of San Diego is facing a deficit and one of the areas that need to be looked at is park services. After the City Council meeting, I was asked to cut the budget by ten percent. As a director of the City of San Diego park services, I have a plan to make some changes. My analysis will includes how it needs to be done, what obstacles could happen, who is affected, what are the disciplines, and how can I make sure that the plan is being implemented.
First, let’s look at how the cut would affect services, like recreation programs. The positive side of the change is that citizens will still enjoy many of the services that the park offers. However, the statistics will be analyzed on all of our parks and its services, like the number of citizens utilizing which services and at what park. If there is a small group of people utilizing a program at a park, then that program must be moved to a nearby park to maximize usage. The operation of parks with programs that have small number of attendees will hurt the budget. Therefore, those programs could move to another nearby location, or jo...

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