The City Of Hampton Methadone Clinic Essay

The City Of Hampton Methadone Clinic Essay

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We would be using participants from the city of Hampton Methadone clinic. Most likely a smaller sample size will be collected between 20 -30 people. All the participants will be residents of the city of Hampton or Hampton roads area. The participants are going to either be drug addicts or recovering drug addicts.
In order to assess if family and community activities will treat drug addiction. We would use and experimental design. Using quantitative method would be the best method in this study because we will be measuring reward stimulation in the brain .We would have two groups that will be used in this experiment. The independent variable would be family therapy and community activities and the dependent variable is the reward system response. The second group independent variable would be methadone and the dependent variable would be the reward stimulation response.
Materials and measure
In order to assess levels of stimulation in the brain we would have to use an fMRI. Each participant will receive this scan after treatment. This will allow us to take a neuro...

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