Essay about City Of God : Liberating God Of Life

Essay about City Of God : Liberating God Of Life

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City of God/Liberating God of Life Critical Analysis Essay:
The Decision You Make Determines Your Fate
For some, life comes easy either you’re born into a rich, comfortable living or some cases growing up poor is what most kids deal with. In every situation, there comes a time when choosing where to turn can be a life or death decision- physically and spiritually. Comparing the film “City of God” and the reading “Liberating God of Life,” is an insight on the how a right or wrong choice can make or break you.
The film “City of God,” cinematography was impressive and magnificent. Although, it’s fast paced the story doesn’t lose its meaning. Shocking and uplifting the movie shows the decision of two kids that take them on two different paths. The film shows hope when Rocket makes a decision to become a Photographer to get out of the slums. Lil Ze becomes mesmerized by power to be the boss of the slums, he’s obsessed with using violence to gain respect. The actors played their roles well for first time actors. From the opening scene the story is stunning and intense. The documentary style and compelling photography are amazing. Acting style is remarkable. City of God leaves you feeling sympathy for kids that are in this cycle of violence and wrong decisions and turns. It opens to the reality of life where kids join gangs to live and have a sense of belonging. The opening scene of the film shows what is to come using the camera to tell the story, without dialog, a chicken looks on as it sees others are being slandered around him. Then the chicken escapes from its rope and runs- used as a metaphor for the main character Rocket. Rocket seen death all around him the only way out is Photography. The film shows hope and despair at the same...

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...oing to continue on sinning. In your suffering you can make a choice to have faith and believe that God is all that He says, that He is; or make a choice to worry living in fear, doubt, and unbelief. In the reading “Liberating God of Life,” God is with those who suffer, but others have a choice to help and be with the poor also. Aligning your heart with God is the way a Christian must be. By the film’s end, we see that Rocket has a promising future, even though he was tempted at times. He made a decision not to fall into the same trouble his peers fell into. His choices landed him a job he loves, while the people around him fell into the criminal life.
I give the film City of God, 3 stars the creative process was fantastic. The use of lighting to change each era from the 60s and all the way to the 80s was brilliant. The close ups and freeze frame was extraordinary.

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