The City Of Charleston, South Carolina Essay

The City Of Charleston, South Carolina Essay

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Imagine: It’s Saturday morning in Charleston, South Carolina. On this brisk morning, a resident is reading a book with a cup of coffee on the porch of his historic home. Without warning, a boisterous call from the PA System of a cruise ship pierces the tranquility of the morning. This call signals the departure of the cruise ship, which is then followed by an unnecessary horn, wailing four times. According to a citizen of Charleston, this is a common scenario as it repeats 104 times a year. The cruise ship in Charleston disrupts the residents, pollutes the atmosphere which harms the historic infrastructure, plunders city laws, harms marine life through waste dumping, blocks beautiful views through violating building height codes, and brings minimal revenue for the city in return. The cruise ship port in Charleston is mostly harmful for the overall well being of the city as it defaces the cultural and environmental aspects of the city of Charleston.
Background on the city of Charleston
The city of Charleston is arguably the shining gem of South Carolina. It has grown to become a world-recognized place, as it has consistently maintained a charming and historic atmosphere for citizens and tourists alike. Named the top tourism and wedding destination for three consecutive years by the Conde Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure Magazines (Post and Courier); Charleston alone, brings in an annual revenue of $3.58 billion in tourism (Post and Courier). This is well-earned revenue for Charleston, as the city is a dynamic hub of new businesses, ideas, and innovations. Charleston is a charming city, encompassing historic plantations, homes, waterfront properties, boating, a bustling city peninsula and pristine beaches. Commonly ...

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...rea under the cruise ship becomes stagnant, consisting of excess fuel and pollutants. Furthermore, the water quality is also affected as ships are legally permitted to dump chemical waste within three miles of shore (coastal conservation league). Knight Ridder, an environmentalist and writer of The Charlotte Observer, discusses the negative environmental impact that comes with the cruise ship in Charleston. He explains that the chemicals and waste that are dumped three miles from shore can be up to “15,000 and 30,000 gallons of sewage a day”(Ridder). This is an excess amount of sewage that is dumped too close to the peninsula. The amount of pollution and sewage that the cruise ship releases is harmful and defaces natural habitats and historic landmarks. The laws of waste disposal and overall cruise ship operations need to be more closely regulated by the government.

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