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The City Mouse And The Country Mouse Essays

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The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
Many ponder whether the country or the city is better than the other. It is all a matter of perspective. Some enjoy being able to disappear into a crowd of people while others enjoy everyone knowing their name. Every person has a reason for where he or she lives. It might be because of better job opportunities or the best place to raise a child. Whatever the reason, the place where a person lives affects their lives in a huge way, and everyone needs to know the best place for them. A few differences between a big town and a small town is the level of safety, the number of activities, and quality of communities.
The size of a town can determine the size of its safety. In big cities, crime rates are on the rise. With so many people, anyone can disappear into thin air. Imagine this: A three-year-old toddler gets up from the park bench in Central Park, that his mom told him to stay on while she took care of his brother who scraped his knee on the sidewalk. The little boy’s enchantment of the squirrel nearby leads him away and then further to the ducks by the lake where a sketchy man has been lurking. A few minutes later, the mother realizes that he is gone and frantically searches for him. A few hours later, the whole city receives an amber alert for a little boy last seen in Central Park. With more people, crime rates are higher based on the fact that there are lower arrest and recognition probability. On the other hand, small towns have much lower crime rates, and almost everyone knows everybody. If something were to go wrong, everyone would know it and try to help in the best way he or she could. Also, the air is cleaner. Fewer cars mean less smog or polluted air, which is healthier and safer ...

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...county high school. Teachers always are willing to help their pupils with anything they may need. Students and teachers share special bonds that those in a bigger school would not. If a person is looking for people to lean on, the small town atmosphere is the answer.
Big towns and small towns have many differences, and knowing them will help someone find the right place to live. Big towns have more opportunities and more activities; however, they can be dangerous and not many people know one another. On the other hand, small towns have fewer activities and opportunities, but it is safe, and communities are closer together. Everyone has his or her view on the matter. Most kids in a small town cannot wait to get out while kids in a big city cannot wait to escape the chaos. Whether people prefer big towns or small towns, everyone is all on this one planet, under God.

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