The City Is A Commercial Center Provides Recreational Facilities For Its Citizens

The City Is A Commercial Center Provides Recreational Facilities For Its Citizens

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Village life is different than the city, the village is the smallest city of the region, which has a population of between a few hundred to a few thousand. Although the villages are often located in rural areas, but that there are urban villages is called the term urban neighborhoods.
The city is large and densely populated region, which is an important trade and culture center. With its domestic laws and complex land, housing, sanitation, utilities, and transportation systems. The city is a commercial center provides recreational facilities for its citizens as well as their daily needs. Cities began forming during the Neolithic revolution, which introduced the cultivation of land and livestock or agriculture for sustenance. Conditioning of fishermen with life that is different from their past. It settled as more and more people in one place, until the city slowly emerged of what is known as the village.
The village is a small group of settlements, which are usually located in a rural area although it can also be found in many urban areas. It is the largest of a small village but smaller than a city. It is composed of permanent housing and are located close to each other for the purpose of defense against enemies and enable the inhabitants of mixing with each other.

In the past, the villages have routinely communities that practice agriculture, and also for some non-agricultural societies. In many cultures, they are few cities, towns, villages are considered small towns, which includes a small number of the population who live in them. While the Industrial Revolution attracted people to work in the larger mills and factories numbers. The population has become more focused on the cities, which led to the development of ...

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...any similarities between the village and the city. Each of the villages and cities have clinics to treat patients. People who live in the city and the village of them customs and traditions. In addition, people who live in the city and the village to have a supermarket to buy fruits and canned foods to cook at home. Each of the villages and cities have water and electricity supplies, but all of the village and the city have completely different levels of services provided.
There are many differences between the village and the city. In the city, it has a lot of buildings and markets. However, the village has a small houses and small markets. People who live in the village have farms in the city but do not own farms. In my opinion sleep they prefer to live in the village because it is quiet and peaceful. They also live in a place free from environmental pollution.

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