Citizens Effect on Social Change Essay example

Citizens Effect on Social Change Essay example

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1. What obligations do we have as citizens to effect social change? What powers do we have as members of our communities and societies to effect change? Use specific examples.

Within Canada, every citizen has fundamental rights and freedoms, some are rights and others are privileges. It is every individual’s responsibility to be aware of the law and rules of Canada. Paying taxes is a prime example of an obligation that a citizen has which positively effects social change within society. You have the right to defend your own rights if questioned, also if it is your obligation to protect and defend the rights and freedoms of other individuals. If an individual is breaking the law and somebody has witnessed the witness should be informing the appropriate law enforcement or authority. By doing this our society can effect social change, it will positively impact crime and inequality issues that Canada is facing. For example, many schools have a rule, which states: if you witness an act that is inappropriate, or not tolerated on school grounds and don’t report it that you may be punishe...

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