Essay on Citizen Kane Review

Essay on Citizen Kane Review

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Essay #2: Citizen Kane Review
Orson Welles’ production of Citizen Kane revolutionized film making by mastering the art of using cutting edge techniques to make it one of the most single revolutionary and groundbreaking films in the history of movies. Citizen Kane, released in 1941, is thought to be the single most revolutionary and groundbreaking film in the history of movies (Rotten Tomatoes). Welles used many techniques in the production of the film that were never even thought of before that point. In this way, the film Citizen Kane is an extremely innovative film and definitely pushes the limits of its genre at the time. Welles completely changed the course of the production of film by introducing a completely new way of writing, directing, and through his use of techniques.
Citizen Kane is a drama. The film is made to keep you searching for the meaning of the last words spoken by the world’s richest and most influential man. Everyone wants to know the meaning behind the simple word “rosebud”. What is the significance of such a simplistic word? Why did that word mean so much to the man that it was his dying word? During the investigation of the words meaning, the film goes through many flashbacks of Kane’s life from different people’s point of view (H2G2). This was an innovation to the making of a film. Before Citizen Kane, it was not normal to have the point of views of multiple different people. This use of multiple narrations is now widely used, and is seen in many well-known movies such as Goodfellas, Casino, and The Thin Red Line. The techniques Orson Welles used when writing this film completely changed the idea of what a drama movie could be. He also introduced the idea of showing the end of the story in the beginn...

... middle of paper ... until I started to realize the subtle techniques being utilized by Welles and his amazing shots he constructed. Like a flawless painting, every scene was drawn out and portrayed perfectly to capture the viewers’ emotions and thoughts. If the viewer likes and appreciates the art of film making, then they are sure to recognize the innovative aspects of Citizen Kane and how it has affected modern day film and culture.

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