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Most people live in cities, while other live in rural areas. A city life is usually more exhilarating because it got shopping malls, restaurants, schools, transportation, hospitals, and much more. But what is a city? A city is a large area were group of people with similar characteristics live and practice their ordinary daily activities. According to Caves (2005), a city cannot be defined by one definition because it includes many things that give many definitions. Each city has a different way of developing and growing, it takes different steps to become more sustainable, and has the proof, such as Dubai, that shows it is a triumphant city.
Many ways are available for the city to evolve. Foroohar (2006) stated that a city could grow when country’s government search for ways to decentralize the work. As an illustration, "Rising Urban Stars" cities such as Las Vegas, Dubai, and Cape Town are offering abundance of flourishing careers in service businesses like banking and entertainment that help the city to evolve (Foroohar, 2006). Another way for the city to expand is developing the technology. According to Foroohar, “areas with high-tech or "knowledge based" industries like finance--witness the renaissance of New York and London, and the explosion of growth in Shanghai or Hong Kong.” (2006, para.5). Cities with high technology bloom swiftly where the bankers become wealthier, salaries become higher, and the cost of real-estate soared (Foroohar, 2006). A third possible way for a city to develop is through expanding the city’s economy. Foroohar (2006) asserted that budding economies help the city to grow fast. For instance, 55 cities in China, 12 cities in Indonesia, and 10 cities in India are of the top 150 swiftly-expanding cities, they expand with the aid of the expanding economy in the city (Foroohar, 2006). Moreover, Arnold (2010) reported that trading and making business with foreigners is crucial for the city’s economy that promotes the city’s growth. Arnold continues by saying that’ “Legislative issues need to be addressed because they bring down funding costs and increase the absorptive capacity of the economy.’” (Shaher as cited in Arnold, 2010). Furthermore, cities can develop and enlarge through excellent transportation. Foroohar (2006) believes that outstanding transportation appeals people and businesses to the city and that helps the city to grow. In essence, cities follow different routes to expand and develop; however, they all reach the same point.

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Each city follows steps that differ from other to become more sustainable. Cities are capable of being sustained by lowering the growth rate of the population. For example, Arnold agrees that declining growth rate has activated “a reassessment of the future expansion blueprint for the Emirates.” (2010, para.1). Arnold (2010) adds that falling growth rates reduce the risk of any future worldwide financial instability. Besides, a city could keep going by forming a self-sustaining economy. According to Foroohar (2006), a self-sustaining economy will help the city to avoid many problems that it will face when it is dependent on other megacities. On top of that, Arnold (2010) said that Dubai is a city who formed a self-sustaining economy by using trading, the most flexible parts of economy. Additionally, stabilizing prices could be an important step for a city to promote sustainability. As an example, Foroohar (2006) admits that stable oil prices helped the UAE to gain impetus to flourish its economy. Furthermore, a city could be more sustainable by unifying the city’s government. Caves (2005) states that an ideal and distinctive city is when group of people are controlled by a single government. Similarly, a city could also promote sustainability by focusing on what it is usually strong in. For instance, United Arab Emirates focused on what it is traditionally strong such as trading, selling, transporting, and tourism and did not change the whole system of the country (Arnold, 2010). As was previously stated, sustainability can be maintained by all cities on this planet, but every city has a different way to become sustainable.
Most people know that Dubai is one of the booming and successful cities on earth. Most importantly, in the Arabian Gulf area/region, Dubai is considered one of the trade hubs. The fact that shows Dubai is a trade center is its tactical cutthroat location in the center of United Arab Emirates seashore extending along 400 miles (Aber Group, 2011). Aber Group (2011) stated that Dubai traded using the marine lines and assisted in shipping goods from the West to East or vice versa because of its location in south-western region of the Arabian Gulf. Another reason why Dubai is considered one of the trade centers is the liberated and unbiased economic policy of the city that awarded Dubai a good reputation nationally and internationally (Aber Group, 2011). This feature attracted foreigners and dwellers to invest in Dubai successfully. A third possible reason why Dubai is considered one of the trade hubs in the Arabian Gulf area is finished infrastructural projects. According to Aber Group (2011), Dubai has stressed on its liberated economic policy by coupling the finished infrastructural projects with other services. The services with good organization and match the highest global standards had an instant and optimistic effect on the economic segments and living standards, where the rates of the economic segments increased and living standards of each human being has improved.

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