Cisco 's Wireless Access Points And Their Technology Essay

Cisco 's Wireless Access Points And Their Technology Essay

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Cisco’s Wireless Access Points and their technology
Cisco currently carries three main groups of wireless access points (WAP) they are small business WAP, 802.11n Aironet Gen 2 WAP, and 802.11ac Aironet WAP. The highest series from Cisco is the Aironet 3700 Series which is an 802.11ac type wireless access point. The Aironet 3700 is designed for high-density network environments that would use high-performing applications like a school that uses wireless device such as tables to run online teaching modules. This series is one of the first wireless access points to use the 802.11ac technology. 802.11ac is the next generation of Wi-Fi standards from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 802.11ac is a faster and more scalable version of the 802.11n while also including the capabilities of Gigabit Ethernet. This new type of Wi-Fi standard was pushed into existence by many factors but one main factor would be the new trend of BYOD, it stands for Bring Your Own Device. With the BYOD trend, one employee could carry two or more wireless devices and have them connecting to the network via the wireless access point. With more devices consuming resources from the network at the same time which would have slowed down the wireless access point’s traffic speed with older models but with the 802.11ac standards newer models can handle more traffic from more devices at a much higher speed. The Aironet 3700 has two models, 3700i and 3700e, the 3700e model is for RF-challenging indoor environments but it requires external dual-band antennas. The 3700 series’ module options include the Cisco Aironet Wireless Security module and Cisco Universal small cell 5310. The Cisco Aironet Wireless Security module can provides full-spectru...

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...e been great changes in the layout and the technology behind the network. The main focus of this paper was commercial equipment while residential level equipment has also had leaps in technology. Majority of today’s networks consist of a wireless side because of the major escalation in mobile device from smart phones, tables, and laptops. Wireless today has numerous side which includes the Wi-Fi signal technology like 802.11ac, the wireless access point’s hardware like Cisco Aironet 3700 series, and the technology in uses to make the Wi-Fi faster, reliably, and securer like CleanAir and ClientLink. What is the purpose of the WAN connection, Traffic requirements, and the geographic scope of the WAN are several significant influences when considering a WAN connections. As networking technology continue to change and evolved, so will the users of them change and evolved.

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