The Circus The 2016 Elections Have Become- With The Temperament Of Donald Trump

The Circus The 2016 Elections Have Become- With The Temperament Of Donald Trump

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“It is awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump us not in charge of the laws in this country.” “Because you would be in jail.” These two quotes from the second debate really exemplify the circus the 2016 elections have become- with both of them attacking each other. I must say, going through my notes, there is no way I could ever talk about all of the questions each candidate either completely avoided, or started to talk about then veered into something else, without this turning into a novel, so I will focus on the questions asked by the audience members.
The candidates avoided many questions asked by the audience during the debate (although, it seems as though Mr.Trump avoided quite a few more), mostly during the beginning and middle of the debate. The only question that was asked to Mrs. Clinton by the audience that I found she avoided was “is it ok for politicians to be two faced? Is it acceptable for a politician to have a private stance on issues?” She answered this question by bringing up Abraham Lincoln trying to get the 13th Amendment passed, by bringing up Kremlin (Putin and the Russian Government), saying that this is the first time a foreign power is trying to influence the election, and finally, shockingly enough, she brought up Trump’s tax returns. I believe she avoided the question because she realized how bad it would look for her to admit that she may be two faced. Yes, I do believe she should have answered the question, because what she says/ thinks in her public life can be completely different to what she thinks/says behind closed doors.
Moving on to Mr. Trump, he avoided six questions, but, for the sake of not turning this into a book, I will talk about three of them. To start from the...

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...ither. Also, it is not something that many people really care about, even though it is extremely important to our everyday lives.
One question I wish had been asked would be something along the line of “How can you reform police and create a better relationship between police and the citizens they are sworn to protect?” This is important to me because I am a Criminology major, and I hate being bashed for being in a field that “kills black people”, and it is important to my generation and the country at large, because we need to not be a divided nation once again. Another question I wish had been asked would be how they plan on helping veterans, as that is something that is not brought up at all. This is important to me because I have many family members who have served/ are serving, and two of them now have PTSD but do not receive the most adequate of help for it.

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