Circe : A Dark State Of Mind Essays

Circe : A Dark State Of Mind Essays

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Art can convey different messages to the viewer, for example, the paintings of Circe on slide 41. In the painting to the left Circe seems to be like a lonely and angry queen, but in the painting to the right, she seems to be more like a nurturing and blithe shepherd.

The colors within the painting to the left makes Circe seem broody, but in the painting to the right the lighter colors make her seem joyful and loving. The colors within the painting to the left are much darker. An example of the darker colors and the shading on her dress. Circe’s dress is a dark shade of blue. This could portray Circe having a darker state of mind. Also, the colors in the painting could express the emotions of Circe. This could emphasize the fact that Circe has a dark state of mind, or in other words Circe could be depressed and lonely. In contrast to the darker colors within the painting to the left, the colors in the painting to the right are lighter. Circe’s dress in the painting to the left is a light shade of pink. The softness of the color gives Circe a nurturing feeling. The nurturing feeling ...

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