Essay about Cinderella's Reality Story

Essay about Cinderella's Reality Story

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Many people know her as a princess who is sitting in house where her step-mother and her two step-sisters abused her. One day, she went to the ball from the help of her fairy godmother. The prince fell in love with her of her talents. In reality, she was mostly not have survived. In reality, this is Cinderella’s story.
Cinderella was an ordinary girl who lived with her step-mother and step-mother. They lived in London. She was abused at home a lot and at school too because her step-sisters always embarrasses her. She didn’t have friends because she didn’t know how to socialize that well. She did have friend but she moved and completely changed herself. It was two days before the dance. She wanted to go so bad but she knew her step-mother will never let her. But she wanted to go and she is going to have the guts to do. She asked her step-mother.
Her step mother was, “If you finish your chorus I will let you go but after the dance you have to drop-out of school. You can go to school for only 2 months and that’s it. Because you don’t do anything at home and you will have assist me because I am getting a plastic surgery.”
“I will do anything to go to this dance. Thank you so much Stephanie”, Cinderella was so excited that she wanted to cartwheels. Then, her step-mother interrupted her thoughts.
“One more thing Cinderella. You can only go to the dance if you finish you work. And I will send contract saying that it doesn’t matter if you went to the dance or not you still will drop out of school.” Her step-mother had sinister pleasant voice in her throat.
“Yes, Stephanie. I will get to work right away.” She scrambled to the kitchen and getting all the cleaning supplies and her chorus list. She was finishing all her work and the only...

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...e coolest person that she ever she met. She said I was her role-model.
“You’re going to be the prettiest girl on the dance floor.” She said softly in my ears.
I went to the dance. The day I was planning all along. When I got there my step-sister, Ashely was in the arms of my crush. I always thought he was different but I guess not. Maybe that guess came from because I never see him and never cared about what he is doing. She liked the year’s dance theme. It’s the masquerade ball. She was wore her mask so no one who recognize her. This was the day where she show what she’s got. She marched right to the DJ booth and gave her iPod. Then, people were confused stared at others and asking where this type of music is coming from. Cinderella started to dance with her heels on. Many people were amazed of Cinderella’s dance. She did jazz, hip-hop and many different dances.

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