Essay Cinderella, By The Grimm Brothers Tell The Story Of Cinderella

Essay Cinderella, By The Grimm Brothers Tell The Story Of Cinderella

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There have been countless versions of Cinderella, thus meaning there are many different interpretations of Cinderella. One of which, by Elizabeth Panttaja, tells the story after Cinderella’s mother died. Panttaja explains how Cinderella is only successful because of the magic that her mom is giving her, but is this true? The answer is no, since there is no evidence in her mother doing all of the work in Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s “Ashputtle”, another version of “Cinderella”. If fact, because of her use of magic, Cinderella is a lot weaker than many people imagine.
In Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s “Ashputtle”, the Grimm brothers tell the story of “Ashputtle”, beginning with Ashputtle’s sick mother, and Ashputtle at bedside. Before she dies, Ashputtle’s mother promises to be with her and watch her in heaven. Ashputtle’s dad then marries a new lady and brings her and her two daughters into the house. Ashputtle’s new step-sisters were warm and welcome on the outside, but cold and devilish on the inside always mocking Ashputtle. Ashputtle’s father goes to the fair and promises to bring each of his daughters back a gift. While the step-sisters choose dresses and jewelry, Ashputtle asks for something different. “Break off the first branch that brushes against your hat on your way home, and bring it to me” (Grimm 629) requested Ashputtle. Her rich father kept his promise, and Ashputtle placed the hazel branch over her mother’s grave, and cried to water it. The hazel branch would soon grow into a beautiful tree, and Ashputtle would weep and prey under it three times a day. Each time that Ashputtle made a wish, a little bird would throw down what she had wished for. Later on, the king had planned a celebration where his son, the ...

... middle of paper ... she must be the daughter of some foreign king,” (Grimm 630) the Grimm’s brothers say, describing the irresistible Cinderella. “Indeed, the battle for the prince’s attention was not waged at the level of character at all but at the level of clothes,” (Panttaja 660) Panttaja adds, which is proven by the fact that after the prince chooses to dance with Cinderella, he does not dance with any other girl.
Overall, Panttaja is wrong in the sense that Cinderella’s mother is the one who is creating all of the magic. In fact, it is the animals and the tree that possess magic. However, Panttaja makes up for her mistake by explaining how Cinderella is not morally superior, because of her use of magic to not only win over the prince with her dress, but also punish her step-sisters by not only making them cut off their toes and heals of their feet, but also by blinding them.

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