Cinderella, By Charles Perrault Essay

Cinderella, By Charles Perrault Essay

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Many different versions of “Cinderella” exist, and each of them is slightly different. These differences help determine which is the most child friendly. After looking at several variants of “Cinderella,” the version by Charles Perrault is the most child-friendly, due to its mystical nature, lack of violence and blood, and forgiveness. The way that these plot elements are developed through the different variants of “Cinderella” allows Perrault’s version of the story to be seen as the most child-friendly.

Perrault’s “Cinderella” begins with a young maiden and a set of stepsisters who treat the maiden badly (Perrault 236). The young maiden, called “Cinderella,” responded with kindness to this harsh treatment (Perrault 237). Cinderella could not go to a ball that a prince was throwing, but her fairy godmother helped her go for being so kindhearted (Perrault 238). The prince fell in love with Cinderella, and after her stepsisters lie to the prince about owning Cinderella’s slipper, Cinderella and the prince got married (Perrault 240). To show that Cinderella forgave the two sisters for lying, she “married them to two great lords of the Court” (Perrault 240).

The first child-friendly plot element that “Cinderella” stories possess is a mystical nature. This magical quality to “Cinderella” allows children to begin to use their imagination. This allows children to grow up to be imaginative adults, and through the reading of stories like “Cinderella,” help children want to read more stories. At a small age, it is important for children to use their imagination, which is why a mystical nature in stories like “Cinderella” are good to read to children.

The first source shows this perfectly. In Perrault’s “Cinderella,” a fairy godmother he...

... middle of paper ...

...hat they owned Cinderella’s slipper (Sexton 252). Revenge negatively affects young readers’ minds. It is this reason that this version of “Cinderella” is not child-friendly.

In conclusion, Perrault’s “Cinderella” is the most child-friendly version of “Cinderella,” due to its mystical nature, lack of violence and blood, and forgiveness. The version of “Cinderella” from the Grimm brothers and Sexton have a negative correlation to child-friendliness due to their scary mystical being, use of violence and blood, and revengeful action. “Oochigeaskw” offers a mostly neutral correlation to child friendliness, due to its non-threating magical being, use of violence, and lack of revenge and forgiveness. Perrault’s “Cinderella” has a positive association to all three of the plot elements; therefore, it is the most child-friendly version of “Cinderella” out of the four sources.

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Cinderella, By Charles Perrault Essay

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