`` Cinderella `` : A Story Of Sibling Rivalry And Oedipal Conflicts Essay

`` Cinderella `` : A Story Of Sibling Rivalry And Oedipal Conflicts Essay

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Folktales can be used to share morals or a lesson using symbols, and this is true of the classic “Cinderella” story. Madonna Kolbenschlag, a feminist, writes “A Feminist’s View of ‘Cinderella,’” explaining the Cinderella story in a more sexist view. Bruno Bettel-heim, a distinguished psychologist, centers his article, “‘Cinderella’: A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts” very specifically on the sibling rivalry exhibited in the classic “Cinderella” story. He also writes about the oedipal period of a child’s life. Both authors agree that “Cinderella” is most likely the best-known and best-liked fairy tale. Although, according to Stith Thompson, folktales have been passed form country to country and through different time periods, they still contain the same basic properties of the original. The different “Cinderella” stories share the same motifs: a girl who needs to be saved by a prince, ashes, stepsisters, a mother, a fairy godmother (which does not have to necessarily be in the human form), and a slipper. According to the two authors, Madonna Kolbenschlag and Bruno Bettelheim, the classic “Cinderella” story contains sibling rivalry, gender bias, and symbolism.
Both authors write about the sibling rivalry displayed in “Cinderella.” In Bruno Bet-telheim’s article, sibling rivalry is the main subject of his entire article. Bettelheim shares the analogy of the two brothers Cain and Abel from the Bible: Abel was essen-tially a servant to Cain and was later murdered by him. Cinderella was reduced to living by the ashes serving her stepsisters. Not only does Bettelheim share about sibling rival-ry in the “Cinderella” story itself, but he also elaborates on sibling rivalry out of the fic-tional story. The feelings felt in s...

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...ch on the same subjects, some with different points of view. Sib-ling rivalry is present throughout the whole story until the fitting of the glass slipper. It also shows sibling rivalry outside the story, during the oedipal period. “Cinderella” shows degradation while Cinderella was living among the ashes, to one of superiority when the slipper fit her perfectly; all the power was given to her, surpassing those achievements of her stepsisters’ that she had missed. The story has created a stereotype for women: that women need to wait for a prince to come and rescue them from a situation they are in. Symbolism is an ongoing thing in the “Cinderella” story, with all of the different char-acters with roles synonymous with their meanings. Although “Cinderella” is a basic chil-dren’s folktale that has been passed down through the ages, its context contains deeper meanings.

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