Cigarettes: An Absolute Health Hazard Essay

Cigarettes: An Absolute Health Hazard Essay

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Today marks a very special day. It designates Jack’s tenth birthday, and he gets to go to his favorite restaurant for dinner. He and his family get seated at the restaurant right next to a table full of people smoking cigarettes. The air becomes filled with thick smoke, so Jack can hardly talk with his family without gasping for air. Later, he receives his meal and can barely enjoy it because, with every bite, more thick smoke enters his lungs, choking him. Instead of feeling pleased with his meal, Jack goes home with a hacking cough.The experience that night impacted him enough that he never went to that restaurant again. Clearly, cigarettes can have very harmful effects on the smoker and on others around them. They cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people around the world each year. When a person starts smoking, the danger appears immediately because of the multitude of addictive ingredients in cigarettes. Not too long ago, general society had no idea of the dangers that come with smoking cigarettes. Even now, secondhand smoke remains widely overlooked even though it comes about as something so dangerous. Cigarettes should hold an illegal status because they pose numerous threatening health risks, have many dangerous toxins in them, and have tremendously addictive qualities.
Smoking cigarettes can cause countless illnesses and health complications. They put you at a higher risk for heart disease and cancer. One of the most prevalent of those remains lung cancer. The lungs of the smoker become unable to transfer a sufficient amount of oxygen to the blood, and the breathing becomes a much more difficult task than it should. The actual cancer grows until it fills the lungs, and the person becomes incapable ...

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...come apparent. The previously stated argument does not express enough rational information to keep cigarettes legal. The government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, and the perils of cigarettes equate or surpass those of the already illegal drugs. Just the fact that each pack carries a warning label about their extremely harmful effects should make them illegal. It basically says countless dangerous toxins exist in this product that will make you sick and kill you. The amount of people who die as a result of cigarettes each year equates to three jumbo jets filled to capacity crashing every single day of the year and no one surviving. The final argument becomes either people need to stop smoking in the first place, or the government simply needs to issue a declaration of illegality on cigarettes for the health of the citizens of the United States.

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