Cigarette Smoking : Smoking And Out Of Control Over The Years Essay

Cigarette Smoking : Smoking And Out Of Control Over The Years Essay

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Cigarette Smoking
Why do many people still smoke, yet there is a popular saying that, “cigarette smoking is detrimental to out health”? The issue of cigarette smoking has become notorious and out of control over the years. Many people are opting for a puff yet they are aware that it endangers their lives and the lives of those around them. Cigarette smoking not only affects the smoker, but also, the people around those who smoke. Cigarette smoking is the direct inhalation of hydrocarbon steams that are generated from burning tobacco that is in cigarettes. There are harmful substances that are found in cigarettes, for instance, nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. Tar causes cancer, carbon monoxide is known to cause shortness of breath in smokers, and to impair the capacity of the blood supplying oxygen to all parts of the body. While nicotine is known to cause addiction as well as rising the blood pressure and this makes cigarette smoking a problem because it affects our health. Moreover, cigarette smoking causes a number of deaths caused by smoking related health risks. Therefore, cigarette smoking is a problem that need to be addressed because it harmful to our health. Cigarettes expose us to life threatening health risks which can later on lead to death.
The first reason why we should say no to smoking is that, it brings life threatening health conditions to both the smoker and the people around him/her. Cigarette smoking is harmful to our health because it puts the smoker at risk of contacting health issues. In addition, it weakens the body organs as well as the immune system making an individual prone to many health issues. Our health is extremely important to us and we should avoid smoking in order to avoid contacting health...

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...ette smoking is a problem that has become notorious around the globe. Many people have opted to put their lives to danger by smoking irrespective of the adverse effects of smoking. Cigarette smoking exposes the smoker to life threatening health issues which can lead to death. In addition, it causes addiction as well as affecting the people around the smokers. Cigarette smoking is a problem that should be addressed because, it is said to cause the highest number of deaths in the world. We should say no to smoking because it affects the smoker and the people around them. People should be educated about the effects of cigarette smoking as well as encouraged to never start smoking or quit I smoking if they are already smoking. It is important to interdict smoking absolutely because of its effects to the human health and the alarming death rates due to cigarette smoking.

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