6 Cigar Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction about Cigars Essay

6 Cigar Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction about Cigars Essay

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What does a cigar smoker have in common with a fisherman? They are both propagators of tall tales! The fish gets bigger and myths about cigars get more embellished with each telling.

Let's separate fact from fiction to bust a few longtime myths about cigars!

Myth #1: "People who Smoke Cigars are Snobs" "Cigar Consumption Favors the Wealthy" – (2 myths in 1!)

If you're a beginning cigar aficionado, chances are you'll hook-up with cigar snobs at the local cigar bar. Be warned, it offends them when they observe you smoking your cigar "wrong".

How the novice can recognize cigar snobs: Their favorite line is – "if you can't afford to smoke so and so brand, you've got no business smoking cigars". Status-conscious people view expensive cigars symbolic of their success.

Alfred Hitchcock was a cigar snob extraordinaire. Add his British-ness to the mix and you've got a pretty perfect picture of pretentiousness!

Fact: Cigar lovers come from all walks of like. The majority are ordinary people who enjoy smoking a good cigar with their good friends from time to time.

Myth #2: "The Darker the Wrapper, the Stronger the Cigar"

Don't fall into this beginner trap! The myth that cigars with a dark maduro (wrapper) are stronger than those with lighter wrappers has made the rounds for decades. Your cigar of choice will get its dark, medium or light coloring from the outer leaf used when rolling it.

Filler tobacco determines the cigar's strength. This myth may have originated because the dark leaf includes more tar and oils. When it is smoked, residues of the oils and tar, plus nicotine linger on the smokers lips, which contributes to the myth dark wrappers are stronger.

Fact: Time has told truth; light or dark wrappers do not determine...

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...oo close, the wrapper leaf will begin to smolder. In essence, you will achieve the exact opposite of what you wanted – the cigar's taste will be ruined.

Myth #6: "Refrigerator Best Place to Store Cigars"

What? Not one of the brighter ideas somebody dreamed up. Cigars need a hot, humid atmosphere to bolster their happiness. (They favor 70 degrees Fahrenheit.) The fridge is dry and cold.

Fact: Keeping your treasured cigars in the refrigeration will likely damage the wrapper. The cold temperatures also strip moisture from your cigars, causing them to burn harshly.

Conclusion: Now that you know truth concerning popular myths about cigars, what will you do when faced with a decision? If your heart's desire is to be accepted into the Cigar Culture, Wisdom would advise restraint of tongue.

Like all things in life you are at choice. Debunk myths about cigars, or not!

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