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CIA Operational Psychology Essay examples

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The National Security Act of 1947, signed by President Harry S Truman, is how the Central Intelligence Agency was formally created. The “office off director of central intelligence” was also created as a result of this Act. Anyone in this position served as head of the United States intelligence community and acts as the President’s principal advisor. He/She usually updates the President of any and all intelligence issues concerning national security (Wagner 13).
Even before the National Security Act, our nation’s officials used spies, secret agents, covert action, and the gathering of intelligence during wars. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington drafted Nathan Hale and other spies to help them acquire independence. Benjamin Franklin and John Jay also created secret missions and operations to ensure their success during this war. These missions included secret agents and double agents, sabotage, raids against British troops, secret codes, propaganda and the spreading of false information (Wagner 13).
After gaining independence, George Washington asked the United States Congress to create a fund for secret missions during his First State of the Union speech. President Thomas Jefferson used this to take down a foreign government in North Africa in 1804. Between 1810 and 1812, James Madison used secret intelligence to try and obtain land from Spain in what we know today as Florida. During the Civil War, both Union and Confederate officers used secret information, military scouts, stolen mail, and telegrams and captured documents to try and gain advantages for their side (Wagner 14-15).
In our nation today, the major role of the CIA is shaping American foreign policy. Employees of the Central I...

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