The Church 's Essential Mission Essay

The Church 's Essential Mission Essay

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The church’s essential mission is evangelization. One of Jesus’ instructions was for his believers to evangelize because it allowed a strengthened relationship with God, fostered faith for the journey in life, and saved souls for His kingdom. The good news of Jesus has not changed, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” we have been about evangelization from the start. The splendor of Dei Verbum has established and outlined the necessity for deeper examination of Sacred Scripture so that the presence and softness of God’s loving words will be embraced with a greater level of sensitivity and understanding. Through the assistance and dedication of theologians they’ve heighten that level of sensitivity to support and energize the church, providing food for the soul and increasing spiritual life for generations.
As described by St. Thomas Aquinas in his theologian’s primer, the Summa Theologiae, subjective faith opens the mind to God’s own truth, enabling objective faith to become the medium of direct contact with God himself. The light which the fides qua brings to the mind derives from God’s radiant being and enables us to share here and now in the knowledge which the saints enjoy in heaven and which, more fundamentally, God has himself. St. Thomas refers to it as the semen gloriae, the seed of glory, or the inchoation gloriae, the first shadowy sketch of the vision of God. Through Sacred Scripture all human beings have access to God’s revelation allowing them to nourish their souls and be strengthened and energized with new vigor. The clergy must be in love with Sacred Scripture and have an active life where the word becomes an outward expression of being in love with God, allowing them to be in the mindset of ...

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... is the received text that is believed to be the theological reflection on the historical events that are real enough to die for. It is up to us to transmit as theologians such as St. Augustine and St. Thomas the purity of God’s word in which those who listen to Sacred Scriptures will feel a sting in their hearts and ultimately manifest itself to create a future of evangelistic theologians, who preach, teach and save souls for the glory of the kingdom of God. The study of Sacred Scripture can be put together using the rules of Martin Luther’s “three rules” for theologians, “Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio, (Prayer, Meditation, Challenge/temptation). We can kneel down in our room and pray to God with real humility and earnestness, that he through his dear Son may give us his Holy Spirit, who will enlighten us, lead us, and give us understanding to transform the world.

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