The Church Restores Communion Of God Essay

The Church Restores Communion Of God Essay

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The Church Restores Communion
Since the beginning of humanity with Adam and Eve committing the first original sin, God had a plan for salvation. Throughout the whole Old Testament, to the beginning of the New Testament, God always promised a redeemer. With that, God sent Jesus to save humanity. In this paper three main points will show up; God’s original desire for humans when he made them in His image and likeness, Jesus restoring the communion with God, and the Mystical Body of Christ restoring the communion with God. The Incarnation is the central event in human history because through Jesus Christ man is brought back into communion with God.
In the book of Genesis, God made humans and animals. Humans and animals are both loved by God, but humans are more distinct than animals. The first characteristic that humans have is a soul. Having a soul enables humans to have intelligence, the capacity to love, and free will. It allows them to make choices and to have a conscience (Armenio 13). The second characteristic that humans have is emotion. This is what allows humans to feel a certain way. It lets us humans experience and feel God’s love (Armenio 13). The third characteristic humans have is that they were made in the image of God. Human are Christ-like because they were made in image of God. According to Dr. Scott Hann, “Humans were created in the image of God. Also, they are by nature, bodily, and spiritual persons who are oriented towards communion with God and with one another” (Hann). Humans resemble God better than any other creature. Being created in the image and likeness of the Father allows humans to share the divine life. This image and likeness shows the son-ship that humans have with their Father. God gave human...

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...ry. Even though God designed humans to be just like him, they still made a mistake. And it was up to Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son, to sacrifice himself for the entire human race to be forgiven. It is still shown through the sacraments that Jesus truly did bring us back into communion with God. Even though humans brought sin into the world in the beginning, Jesus completed His father’s plan to save all.
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