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The Clergy Project
Crisis can be described as a time when belief concerning a particular aspect of life suddenly is questioned whether through a series of recent experiences or perhaps experiences that has taken place over time. It may be also described as a turning point for better or worse such as an illness. However, how do we described people of faith, especially those in leadership, at some particular time having a change of heart and determining that believing in a transcendent God is no longer possible. The Clergy Project is a organize effort to receive those, no matter the faith, who have made a decision to walk away from faith based religion. For many, it could be recognized as a crisis of faith that ultimately led to unbelief. Wesleyan, Anglican, Baptist, Catholic and even Islam, there are testimonies of men and women who decided it was time to leave their faith behind.
It is difficult to understand how or what leads one to determine, after years of belief, that unbelief is more suitable. There are any number of issues capable of causing one to question faith in God. Relationship failures, financial issues, death of a loved one and the list can be extensive, but the point being there has to be a tipping point even if the starting point cannot be identified. The website defines its purpose as “a confidential online community for current and former religious leaders in vocational ministry who do not hold supernatural beliefs and are struggling with issues.” However, the issues listed on the homepage of the website does little to reveal how each of these leaders came to this decision. Of course, crisis of faith is not a recent phenomenon. The Bible is replete with those who had a crisis of faith.
Moses ...

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...he people who resigned from faith in God. It is not my call to say these persons were without faith at any point during their spiritual journey. Additionally, their journey is not over.
In closing, I touch on one more element and that is one of reasoning. Often, we seek to “make sense” of the activity of God in the creation. I have a truck load of prayers that were not answered to my understanding. Moreover, I do not understand why Isaac and not Ishmael or why Jacob and not Esau. Joseph designed the system that consigned the Israelites to slavery. The cannon of the Bible is an enigma concerning inclusion and exclusion of writings. I am making an assumption that if faith is a problem, then so is the Bible. One fact remains, maybe, we are not as good at loving one another as Jesus calls for since it is necessary for these persons to find support outside of the faith.

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